Writing services


As a qualified journalist, Sharon is proficient in news and feature writing for newspapers, magazines and online publications. She regularly fulfils freelance commissions for publications that require editorial content. Sharon also has experience in broadcast media where she trained and worked as a video reporter for an online news channel in London.


Sharon’s words have appeared across a variety of mediums including websites, blog posts, online articles, business proposals, company profiles and cover letters.

Sharon Green typing

SEO content

Sharon has been writing for the web since 2007 so knows a thing or two when it comes to online content. She’s worked on corporate websites, web copy for small businesses, blog posts for individuals and organisations, and written online articles that adopt Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Editing and proofreading

You have the words but it just doesn’t sound as good as it could be. Sometimes all you need is a thorough proofread and edit to lift the standard of your copy.

Sharon works with clients to create sharper copy while helping them to deliver an effective message that is suitable for their audience.

She has also proofread books prior to publication, offering advice on structural and developmental edits, spelling, grammar, fact checking, consistency and more.