About Sharon Green

Sharon Green is a journalist, copywriter, speaker and content consultant.

She is currently the founding editor of SHE DEFINED, an online lifestyle publication for women.

She has written across a variety of topics including business, lifestyle, health, education, environment and social affairs as well as profiles and features on people and businesses.

Her writing has appeared in a number of leading Australian publications including the The Age, Herald Sun, Geelong Advertiser, Bride magazine, desktop, delicious, Fashion Journal and SHE DEFINED.

Sharon enjoys writing for the web and has worked with a number of digital marketing agencies on a range of projects including web builds, social media campaigns and other online copywriting assignments.

She has also gained international media experience where she worked as a journalist, video presenter and copywriter in London, United Kingdom.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Communication.


  • Feature writing
  • Lifestyle and travel writing
  • Social media content production
  • Content strategy development and consulting
  • Writing SEO-rich articles
  • Editing and proofreading.

In 2011, Sharon relocated to London where she worked as an online journalist and video reporter for the International Business Times UK.

She helped launch and edit a niche UK health title and worked as a copywriter at Tag, a global marketing production agency.

She also fulfilled a range of freelance writing jobs for London-based publications including Edge, The Ibiza Paper and Beer Beauty.


Sharon in London