With more than a decade of professional experience as a journalist, editor and content manager, Sharon offers consultancy services to clients.

Whether you’re creating a content business from scratch and need tips on getting started or you’d like to improve your existing content strategy, Sharon can offer insights and know-how.

Applying her expertise in storytelling with an editorial approach and strategic marketing proficiency, Sharon can elevate your brand’s messaging and drive audience connection.

As a content consultant, Sharon can develop content marketing plans, deliver an editorial strategy, organise a brand’s content schedule by creating editorial and social media calendars, create style guidelines, and help brands to better communicate their message.

Sharon also regularly consults with small businesses that are seeking media coverage, helping them to find their ‘hook’ and tailoring their pitch to increase their chances of securing publicity.

Other content consultancy services include:

  • Branded content strategy and creation
  • Article and newsletter development and content strategy
  • Social media content strategy
  • Audience development
  • Community building
Sharon Green content consultant