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I was quite saddened by the news that journalist Maggie Alderson will no longer be writing her Good Weekend column. While she is one among many other casualties as part of a planned redesign at the Fairfax Media title, Alderson has been immensely popular with readers and will be sorely missed.  Her last column will be published in this Saturday’s (Nov 20) Good Weekend.
Maggie shares with us how she feels about the pending change on her personal blog.

It’s timely then, that Erica Bartle who writes comprehensive media and magazine blog, Girl With a Satchel, should share a story about Maggie this week. Read about Maggie’s thoughts on her time as editor at Cleo, her journey through motherhood and musings on fashion and feminism here.

Australian non-profit, “community powered reporting” news site YouComm News had their first story fully funded this week. Read about it here:  YouCommNews ‘crowdsources’ first project. The story, In Search of Non-Toxic Housing for Health’s Sake, is the first instalment in a series of ten that looks in detail at the lives of individuals suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Many of you might already be aware that I have a particular liking towards Adam Westbrook’s journalism blog. This is because he continues to share valuable and up-to-date information about journalism and is often optimistic about the future of journalism. This week I have found myself going back to a post of his outlining some key approaches to journalism and creating quality work. They include what he refers to as the Four ‘Pr’ qualities for freelance journalists and covers Prolific, Productive, Profound and Provocative approaches to the craft. Most useful for freelance writers out there.

Editors of women’s magazines are rejoicing after the announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton. Magazine sales are expected to soar over the next year because according to Pacific Magazines’ New Idea editor-in-chief Kim Wilson, “Weddings are terrific sellers.” “When you add the royal element, (and) the prince falling for a commoner, (it’s) a great story.” Read about it here.

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The Age profiles weather presenter and television personality Livinia Nixon whose hair apparently rates a mention in nearly every article written about her. It seems references to her blonde hair have proven a popular tactic to describe Nixon but this intelligent and down to earth woman dispels any impression of a ‘blonde stereotype’.   She also wonders at what point does one lose the term ‘girl’ in reference to her ‘weathergirl’ title that has stuck for years.  Read more about Livinia Nixon here: That’s weather presenter to you.

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