“Sharon has been hired to complete a range of copywriting projects since Assemblo began operating in 2010. Sharon always provided high quality, current and well researched articles and copy. Her work is always timely, well written and reflects her dedication to the highest standards. I found her able to work well with our team as well as an independent agent.  I would highly recommend her and will continue to use her services in the future.”

– Steve de Niese, Director, Assemblo / The Creative Agency

“Sharon showed that she was capable of working independently while remaining flexible to Tag’s busy, and often demanding, workplace environment. She also proved that she was comfortable working in a team environment as she collaborated well with her colleagues to achieve mutual end goals. Sharon was well suited to working in a busy agency environment and she demonstrated her knack for multi-tasking, working across multiple projects simultaneously and her ability to always meet deadlines. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon for a future position at a marketing or creative agency.”

– Amy Hickey, Marketing Manager, Tag: London

“Sharon was a great colleague with high journalistic integrity and commendable onscreen presentation skills. A joy to work with and someone who I’d not hesitate to recommend in the future.”

– Marverine Cole, Award-winning Journalist and Broadcaster, UK

“During her time at Fairfax Media Sharon has showed that she was capable of working independently, sourcing news ideas and stories and delivering accurate and clean copy. Her innovative approach to social media and sourcing talent for stories has been of great help to other journalists.”

– Eugene Duffy, former Editor, Fairfax Community Network

“It is a pleasure having Sharon in the office. She is punctual, efficient, and shows initiative and a strong news sense. During her time with me, Sharon has worked on a number of stories including reports on education, housing, politics, health, and community service. Initially Sharon worked on a variety of papers and was later tasked with filling a masthead on her own – the Point Cook Weekly. During this period Sharon has been entirely responsible for filling the newspaper, and in turn has developed strong working relationships with community leaders and groups, along with myself, her News Editor, and our photographers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon for a future position as a journalist.”

– Sacha McDougal, former Chief of Staff, Fairfax Community Network

“Sharon is an excellent journalist. I had the privilege of working with her during my time at the International Business Times in London and always found her to be inspiring, creative and professional. Under strict deadlines she always outperformed many of the group, and her passion for writing quality content never faded. Her expertise included fashion, the environment and health. I very much hope we can work together again in the future.”

– Tom Nicolson, former Managing Editor, The Ibiza Paper

“Sharon was a fantastic asset to the Onya Magazine team. Sharon has always been professional in her dealings with me and always meets her deadlines. Sharon’s writing is excellent, and her organisational and research skills are truly amazing.”

– Sandi Sieger, Director & Editor-In-Chief, Onya Magazine

“I’ve worked with Sharon over the last three years and she always conducts herself in a reliable and professional manner. Her writing skills are excellent and she is able to work to strict deadlines. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any type of copywriting assignment.”

– Leah White, Editor, Fashion Journal

“Sharon was recommended to me by a mutual friend and I hired her to assist with some press releases for an upcoming seminar. I found her knowledge, integrity, attention to detail and work ethic to be extremely high and would recommend her to others. I will be using Sharon for future material.”

– Adam Medaglia, ASM Services