Digital Portfolio

Sharon’s work has appeared in a number of online magazines and digital publications including Herald Sun, International Business Times and Desktop Magazine. Covering topics from fashion to education, environment and health, Sharon’s digital portfolio is diverse and engaging.

Click on the links below to view a selection of Sharon’s online articles:

News Corp Australia (Herald Sun and Leader)

Environment: Do you care as much about climate change as Waleed Aly? – April, 2015

Current affairs: Men’s magazine Zoo Weekly sparks controversy with Anzac ‘commemorative issue’ – April, 2015

Health: Film to show in Mornington claims to reveal truth about outdated food pyramid – July, 2014

Health: Paleo? Gluten-free? Organic? The Peninsula has it all – December, 2013

Beer Beauty (UK)

Lifestyle: Exploring a London Beer Boutique – July, 2012

International Business Times (UK)

Retail: Luxury Fashion Online Beats Recession Blues – February, 2012

Fashion: Australian Labels Find Their Feet in UK Market – January 2012

Environment: Vegetarian Option for New Year’s Resolution – December, 2011

TV REPORT: Floods Continue in Eastern Australia – February, 2012

TV REPORT: British Online Retailers Report Strong Sales for 2011 – January, 2012

Onya Magazine

Fashion: London Fashion Week: Antipodium Autumn/Winter 2012 – February, 2012

Business: Melbourne Retailers Fight The Sales Slump – November, 2011

Media: The End of Journalism As We Know It – November, 2010

Media: Journalism in the Digital Age – June, 2010

Education: Is Having a Bachelor Degree Enough? – January, 2010

Interview: Australian Conversation: Shannon Noll – October, 2009

Desktop Magazine

Business: Selling skills for the solo creative – October, 2010

Business: Networking for the solo creative – September, 2010

Business: Branding for the solo creative – July, 2010

Fashion: Australian Fashion Bloggers – May, 2010

X and Y Magazine

Fashion: ENTREPRENEUR: Serena Ross – January, 2010

Fashion: Yeojin Bae: fashion profile – December, 2009