My cover story for Autumn 2012 issue of Geelong + Surf Coast Living

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Geelong + Surf Coast Living cover – Autumn 2012 issue. | Image credit: Geelong + Surf Coast Living

I recently had a feature published in Geelong + Surf Coast Living. It was the cover story for their Autumn 2012 issue and, appropriately, focused on the surfing history and beach culture Torquay has become renowned for. Fittingly, the Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach annual surfing competition is due to commence in a few weeks making it the perfect time to think about life on the Surf Coast. Many of such surfing competitions make it compulsory for the participants to come equipped with some essentials. However, it can be one’s personal choice to show up with kayak gps systems, to ensure safety and not drift away from the shore.

I wrote this piece in the middle of a cold and dark London winter, which naturally left me pining for the sun and the sea. At the time, I hadn’t seen the ocean or smelt the salty air for almost six months. Perhaps, then, it was the perfect story to come my way. The countless summers I’d spent at Torquay and surrounding beaches meant I was able to write the piece with a sense of familiarity and a mind flooded with images of weekend trips spent along the beautiful Great Ocean Road.

Preview of feature story in Geelong + Surf Coast Living – Autumn 2012 issue. | Image credit: Geelong + Surf Coast Living

I’ve always had a fascination with beach culture and a quiet admiration for surfers. And for the very first time in my life, I’ve had to come to terms with living (very far) away from the ocean. For now, I’ve traded the coast for the big city. I grew up in a town that was walking distance from the seaside and even when we moved further away, we were still only a short ten minute drive from the closest beach. So to suddenly have this element absent from my life has been a hard change to get used to.

Writing this feature, if anything, confirmed my love for the sea and allowed me to learn a thing or two about the surfing history in this part of Victoria. There’s nothing more satisfying than working on a story you’re completely engaged in and inspired by. And for me, this article gave me the rare chance to combine both. Be sure to grab your free copy of the Autumn issue of Geelong + Surf Coast Living to read my feature. Alternatively, you can view it online, here.


Do you have fond memories of the beach? Have you had to live away from the ocean after always having it close by? Will you be going to Bells Beach this April to watch the surfing competition?