Welcome to my new website!

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Copyright Sharon GreenHello and welcome to my new website! This has been part of a developing project over the past three months as I have been working towards launching my own freelance journalism and writing business. Of course, the website is still in its early stages and I’m sure lots of changes are still to come but I thought it was best to launch it now instead of putting it off to a later date.

Those of you who know me know that I am passionate about writing and producing high quality stories of a journalistic nature. I’m about to embark on my final semester at university and am working towards completing a Masters degree specialising in journalism and new media research. So it is here that I will document all things related to media and journalism that I feel are relevant to my studies, research and general interests. I’d also like to use this blog to share my articles with you as they are published, document experiences I encounter in the freelance writing world, and other thoughts or musings.

I welcome you to follow this blog and encourage you to help me spread the word. I recently read in an article posted on Journalism.co.uk that as a freelance journalist, it is important to:

Make everyone you know on earth fully aware that you are a journalist looking for work.

So I will publicly announce, here and now, that I am a freelance journalist available for work and seeking opportunities within the media industry. Tell everyone you know, for the power of word-of-mouth is great. This website is a testament to just that. I’m also keen to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, writers and journalists via Twitter and welcome new followers to my profile @SharonJGreen.
Until my first official blog post, I welcome you and look forward to interacting with you online.


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