Career highlights: Meeting Prime Minister Julia Gillard

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As some of you may already be aware, last week I had the pleasure of meeting Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She came out to Laverton North, in the outer west of Melbourne, to visit The Alex Fraser Group, a local recycling and construction company. The company has won a number of awards for their sustainable work practices, including recycling of materials into matter that can be used for concrete and asphalt. The Alex Fraser Group invited PM Julia Gillard to visit their business, which falls into her local electorate area, and she gladly accepted the offer.

PM Julia Gillard views construction site at The Alex Fraser Group. Image credit: Sharon Green

On Friday the 15th of April Ms Gillard visited the site and was taken to numerous viewing points to see how the plant worked and met with staff and management to congratulate them on their recent business awards. Ms Gillard was very patient and pleasant throughout her visit, taking the time to listen to what staff had to say and showing an interest in how the business brings benefit to the local area.

PM Julia Gillard doing site visit. Image credit: Sharon Green

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Gillard and exchanged a few brief words with her. I found her generally pleasant, friendly, and cooperative as she juggled the demands of visiting the site and speaking to the media (including myself) all while keeping a focus on the task at hand.

PM Julia Gillard speaks to the press. Image credit: Lucy Aulich

I asked Ms Gillard about the significance of her visit to the site that day, as well as general questions about unemployment in the West, and recent proposed changes to train timetables to the Werribee Line which will affect commuters in her electorate area.

I thank PM Julia Gillard for answering my questions. Image credit: Lucy Aulich

Ms Gillard was also happy to have her photo taken with as many people who wanted a happy snap with her. She willingly took photos with the construction staff and management. And of course, I had to finish off the day with a picture of my own. Besides, it’s not every day that you get to meet the Prime Minister!

Happy Snap: Me with the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Image credit: Lucy Aulich

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