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Desktop magazine new cover design by Mark Gowing. | Image copyright: Desktop magazine, Niche Media

Today Desktop magazine’s relaunch edition will hit newsstands across the country. The niche magazine which has brought us news and information across the design and digital landscape will now narrow its focus to “the culture of design” and allow readers to engage in the ethos of designers and learn how various creative studios operate.

Desktop relaunch event at Mag Nation. | Image credit: Sharon Green

I attended the relaunch event last Wednesday evening, held at Mag Nation’s Elizabeth Street store, and had to keep my lips sealed all week about the exciting new changes in store for readers. The event not only provided a fitting location to unveil the new look of the magazine and the opportunity to flip through its thick, papery pages but was also an appropriate venue to announce that the publication has undergone a complete rebrand.

The magazine, now running for its 25th year was due for a relaunch said Managing Editor Brendan McKnight, claiming that it would be very rare not to tweak the direction of the publication after all this time and describing the change as a natural progression forward. “In terms of the design, I think people wanted more of a sexy, sophisticated design.”

Guests were welcomed with a copy of the magazine and a first look at the redesigned cover, layout and content of the internal pages. The cover, designed by Mark Gowing, reflects his typical typographical style that works in an abstract approach. Apparently there’s a cryptic message embedded in the cover design too; another design trait Gowing is renowned for.

Desktop’s new cover. | Image credit: Sharon Green

Much has changed in the magazine, both from a design and content perspective, notes McKnight in his editor’s letter of the relaunched edition. “We want Desktop to be a platform where thoughts can be raised, opinions can be heard and a place to really get into the minds of the people behind all of this fantastic work,” he said.

On first glance, readers will noticed the magazine has changed in its physical form, moving from an A4 glossy format to a more square shaped, thicker magazine with a hard spine and matte cover.

The magazine has undergone a complete rebrand too, with a new logo or masthead to complement its new treatment. “The masthead looks a lot more sophisticated – the design is minimal, clean and simple and that reflects where the magazine is headed,” McKnight said.

Readers, designers and Desktop fans gather to listen to the editor’s speech.| Image credit: Sharon Green

Readers will also notice a dramatic change in the overall layout and design of the magazine. Content is carefully placed on the page, more white space is featured throughout and a general sense of a minimalist design is apparent, making for a more fluid reading experience. “People are looking for a very minimal structure and design and for the magazine to be quite easy to navigate,” said McKnight.

Interior pages of Desktop magazine. | Image copyright: Desptop magazine, Niche Media

The magazine has also paid close attention to detail and those intricate finishing touches. The spine has a designed monogram which will change with each issue but when collected and stacked, one of top of the other, will reveal a new pattern with a contained message. Just another thing to look forward to and enjoy from this redesigned, relaunched magazine.

Detail on Desktop’s spine. | Image copyright: Desktop magazine, Niche Media

The relaunched edition of Desktop magazine will go on sale on March 2, 2011.

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